The cost of defending a claim can be astounding. Why go it alone? As a Yoga Alliance member, you are not alone. Yoga Alliance has partnered with Alliant to access coverage through Lloyd’s of London to provide coverage exclusively to members. Lloyd’s is Standard & Poor’s “A” (Strong) and an A.M. Best “A-” (Excellent) rated insurance carrier.

Alliant YogaPro includes professional liability and general liability coverage.

Professional liability insurance is also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance. This type of coverage will cover claims related to your professional services, in this case yoga instruction and/or teacher training.

General liability insurance will cover claims related to bodily injury, property damage, and negligence related to your business.

About the Insurance Carrier: Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s of London has a history dating back more than 300 years and has grown to be the world’s leader for specialty insurance. 
“A” (Strong) rated by Standard & Poor's
“A-” (Excellent) rated by A.M. Best Rating


About the Insurance Policy


Available Policy Limits:
$1M each claim / $2M aggregate
$2M each claim / $4M aggregate

Policy Type: Claims Made

Policy Coverage: Combined Professional and General Liability


Other Policy Benefits:


Host liquor liability
Fire/water damage legal liability
Medical expense payment
Defendants expense
Deposition fees and expenses
Damage to property of others

HIPAA/HITEHC fines and penalties
First aid expense
Sexual misconduct
License and disciplinary proceedings
Products completed operations