Teacher Liability Insurance

Do you teach at a yoga studio, gym, community center, a public park, or at a client’s home? It may not be something you think about, but these are all places where accidents can happen. Teacher liability insurance will help shield you from personal losses for a small cost of less than $0.50 a day.


Studio Liability Insurance

As a yoga studio owner, you may already have business liability insurance covering the space you rent and some property, but did you know that it most likely does not include professional liability coverage? This means that you would be open to claims related to accidents in the classroom that arise from instruction.

Studio Liability Insurance:

For example: During a class, you or another instructor provide directions about a pose. A student may misinterpret or fail to hear what is said, leading them to do something that results in an injury. This can be considered an error or omission (professional malpractice) claim, which is usually excluded from most business liability insurance policies.

This policy will cover the studio, school, or business, and owners (up to two legal owners) for claims that result from a direct or indirect incident (someone else was providing instruction).

To help you mitigate potential losses, our dedicated program lawyers have created a Yoga Studio Risk Management Checklist.