The Alliant YogaPro Program

Yoga Alliance and Alliant Insurance Services have joined forces to create Alliant YogaPro, a customized insurance solution for the yoga community. This coverage is tailored to meet the unique needs of yoga teachers who hone their craft within a studio as an employee or contractor, or practice at a student’s home or other venue. Similarly, there is a separate coverage option available for yoga studios, yoga schools, and small yoga businesses.

To meet the needs of the growing yoga community, coverage now includes online yoga instruction. 

The Mission

At Alliant YogaPro, we are here to support the needs of the yoga community so that you can continue to teach and foster the growth of the practice of yoga. We firmly believe that yoga is for everyone. By supporting yoga teachers and businesses, we become part of that movement.

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the risk of getting sued for accidents that happen in the classroom or studio is very real. What happens then? What will the legal costs be? Thinking about these things after an accident is too late. Your personal and business assets are already at risk. So talk to us today about a yoga instructor professional liability insurance policy. We have a dedicated underwriting team that will look at each individual application and provide a personalized quote.

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